May 06, 2015

Tony Abbott’s plan to force young Australians who have fallen on hard times to live off nothing for six months was the cruellest policy of all in last year’s Budget of broken promises.


In next week’s Budget Tony Abbott must put the future of young Australians ahead of his own political interests.

One year on and young Australians know they can’t trust Tony Abbott to do the right thing by them in next week’s Budget.


Mr Abbott still wants to force young people under 30 who are looking for a job to wait six months before receiving any income support. 


And after six months on work for the dole, if young people still cannot find work, they face another six months without Newstart.


Tony Abbott also wants to push young people under 25 from Newstart onto the lower Youth Allowance. This amounts to a cut of at least $48 a week, or almost $2,500 a year. 


These changes risk exposing young Australians to a life of poverty and hardship.


How does Tony Abbott expect young people to find work if they have nothing to live on?


Where does he expect them to live?


And all at a time when youth unemployment is at crisis levels across Australia.

Tony Abbott promised to make things better – but he has just made things much worse for jobseekers.

Tony Abbott’s dishonesty and incompetence is hurting young Australian jobseekers.

Mr Abbott must drop his cruel attacks on young jobseekers by taking them out of the Budget and out of the Parliament for good.