September 07, 2015

Tony Abbott’s claim that he is supporting Australian families shows just how farcical his Government’s Sticking to our Plan propaganda document really is.


Mr Abbott has completely airbrushed from history his Government’s massive cuts to families. 


Mr Abbott is cutting $8.5 billion from family tax benefits, but there is no mention of it in his Government’s farcical booklet.


There is no mention of Mr Abbott’s plan for families to lose all of Family Tax Benefit B when their youngest child turns six.


No mention to Mr Abbott’s plan to rip up to $11,500 from the pockets of 80,000 new mums by cutting Paid Parental Leave.


No mention of Mr Abbott’s plan to freeze payment rates for Family Tax Benefits.


No mention of Mr Abbott’s plan to reduce Family Tax Benefit end of year supplements.


No mention of Mr Abbott abolishing the SchoolKids Bonus that will leave an eligible families worse off by $430 for each primary school and $856 for each high school aged child.


Tony Abbott’s unfair Budget cuts will leave an average family on $65,000 a year up to $6,000 a year worse off.


Before the last election Mr Abbott promised to “help families with the real cost of raising children”.


Two years on Australian families face massive cuts to their household income because of Tony Abbott’s unfair cuts.


Mr Abbott lied through his teeth to Australian families before the last election.


A glossy brochure full of lies will never convince families that Tony Abbott can be trusted. 




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