November 14, 2014

According to the ABC, Kevin Andrews has today told the Tasmanian Council of Social Services that there is widespread support within the welfare sector for the government’s plans to leave young people without any income support for six months.


It wasn’t the peak body for the community sector, the Australian Council of Social Services, whose CEO Cassandra Goldie just this week said:

“Denying people benefits will disengage those in deepest disadvantage. People can't search for jobs and train if they have to worry about where their next meal will come from. Whether it's a six month wait for income support or one month, this is an impoverished approach to poverty that cannot be justified.

It wasn’t UnitingCare, who in their submission to the Senate Inquiry into the measure said it was likely to:

“increase levels of poverty and homelessness, particularly among adults who do not have family members who can provide them with free accommodation.”

Or the Brotherhood of St Laurence, who said:

“The removal of income support is likely to force young people to be financially dependent on their parents for longer, for those whose families are able to provide for them. This is likely to have a flow-on effect causing financial pressure for low-income families and to leave those young people without parental support vulnerable to destitution.”

Or the Youth Affairs Council of Australia who said:

“This exclusion from income…will increase the risk of significant hardship for all young people, particularly those who are already disadvantaged and vulnerable”

And it certainly wasn’t the National Welfare Rights Network, who said the measure was:

“a fundamental attack on the basic right to social security and the principle of adequate income support based on need.”

In fact, it is difficult to find anyone who supports Kevin Andrews’ plan to leave young people with absolutely nothing to live on for six months.

That’s because it will push young people into poverty, homelessness, crime and social isolation.

Is this another one of Kevin Andrews’ lies?

In September, it was revealed that Kevin Andrews had been lying about details of New Zealand’s welfare system in order to justify his plan, by claiming that New Zealand had a similar waiting period.

New Zealand has no such period. The Minister made it up.

Kevin Andrews should stop lying to the Australian people and drop this cruel cut immediately.


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