December 07, 2015

Scott Morrison today belled the cat on Malcolm Turnbull’s plan for new cuts to vulnerable Australians, admitting the Government has been working on new cuts for months.

Mr Turnbull and Mr Morrison should come clean with the Australian people and reveal exactly who will be hit by these new Christmas Eve cuts. 

Labor will not support another round of savage cuts to low-income families.

At every turn the Abbott-Turnbull Government has sought to hurt hardworking families and vulnerable Australians.  

In the 2014 Budget the Liberals wanted to make cuts to the pension that would have seen $23 billion stripped from the pockets of pensioners over the next ten years.

The Liberals also wanted to cut $8.5 billion from Family Tax Benefits.

The Liberals wanted to force young jobseekers live on nothing for six months by cutting their access to Newstart Allowance – pushing them into poverty and hardship.

This year the Liberals joined up with the Greens to make cuts to the Age Pension that will see around 330,000 pensioners worse off – including around 100,000 pensioners who will lose their pension entirely.

Just last month Mr Turnbull and the Liberals voted for a new round of cuts to Family Tax Benefits that would see a typical single parent family lose around $4,700 a year.

And all of these cost of living attacks are before the Liberals hit every family in Australia with a higher GST, which will increase the price of everything.

Pensioners, families and young people deserve certainty heading into Christmas.

They don’t need a new round of Christmas Eve cuts that will hurt those already struggling to make ends meet.

2015 might have been the end of Tony Abbott, but it certainly was not the end of the Liberal’s attack on Australians’ cost of living.

When it comes to unfair cuts and higher taxes, Malcolm Turnbull hasn’t changed a thing. 


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