May 31, 2014

The Abbott Government has today flagged another round of cruel and savage cuts to welfare recipients once the secret McClure Review into the welfare system is delivered.

Reports in today’s Australian indicate that supplements and allowances could all be cut, in an attempt to ‘simplify’ the system.

But make no mistake, simplification is this Government’s code word for cuts.

Tony Abbott needs to explain to low-income Australians - already reeling from the budget - exactly what his next round of cuts will mean for them.  

This year’s budget has already ripped billions of dollars out of the pockets of low income Australians. It will leave millions of vulnerable people worse off.

Yet the Government is already looking to its next round of cuts.

It seems the budget was just the start for this cruel and short-sighted Government.

Whilst Labor is not necessarily against simplification, the welfare system is complex because people’s lives are complex.

Australia has one of the best targeted payment systems in the world - and while Labor has always supported responsible payment reforms, Labor will not support another round of savage cuts to vulnerable Australians under the cover of a so-called simplification agenda.

In the UK, not only did the shift to a single payment leave millions of people worse off, its implementation has been plagued by delays and cost blowouts and is now at risk of being scrapped.

Australia should not blindly follow in the path of the failed policies in the UK.

Why is this government so intent on ripping money away from welfare recipients, whilst at the same time paying $50,000 to wealthy women to have a baby?


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