January 30, 2017

If the Western Australian Government proceeds with their own disability insurance scheme it will cost WA at least $140 million a year just to administer its own model.  

In December last year, the Minister for Social Services, Christian Porter and the WA Minister for Disability Services, Donna Faragher announced that Western Australia would be going it alone with a WA based NDIS model, without any supporting evidence.

Mr Porter and Ms Faragher should come clean with the people of Western Australia and say exactly how much extra it will cost for WA to administer its own national disability insurance scheme. 

When the Productivity Commission recommended establishing the NDIS it estimated that administration would cost around 8 percent of the total cost of the scheme. That's around $140 million in WA. 

In every other state and territory the Commonwealth Government is paying for the cost of administering the NDIS.

But in Western Australia the Turnbull and Barnett Governments want WA taxpayers to pay for the full cost of administering the NDIS.

In every other state and territory the Commonwealth will meet any cost overruns associated with the NDIS. However under the proposed WA model, the Western Australian Government will have to meet 75% of any cost overruns.

The evaluation of the two NDIS trials in WA was supposed to provide evidence of the effectiveness of the different approaches, but Mr Porter and Mrs Faragher are refusing to release the evaluation. 

What is Christian Porter hiding? He should release the evaluation immediately.

Labor is very concerned that the proposed WA NDIS model could leave people with disability in Western Australia worse off.

The last thing we want is to see is Western Australia end up with the worst disability scheme in Australia.

People with disability in Western Australia should not be left worse off because they are being left out of the Australia-wide National Disability Insurance Scheme.

The state-wide roll-out of the NDIS is due to commence in Western Australia from July 2017, but Christian Porter has previously cast doubt about that start date being met.

At a minimum the Barnett Government should agree to not sign any final agreement until after the 2017 Western Australian election.

People with disability and their families must be consulted before any final decision is made.

Labor will continue to stand up for people with disability in Western Australia.