November 25, 2015

The Turnbull Liberal Government is blocking the release of hundreds of pages of documents that detail exactly how his cuts to family payments will leave 1.6 million families worse off.


The Government has rejected a Freedom of Information request from the Opposition for modelling on Malcolm Turnbull’s cuts to family supplements and Family Tax Benefit Part B payments, and how these cuts will impact individual families.


The Department of Social Services has confirmed there are 550 pages of material that show exactly how families will be hurt, but the Government is blocking the release of this information.  


It’s disgraceful that this Government is increasing the cost of living for 1.6 million families with these cuts, and not even telling them exactly how much worse off they’ll be. About three million children will lose support. These families deserve to know the whole truth about the extent of this hip-pocket hit.


Family Tax Benefit supplements help families pay the mortgage and the bills, put food on the table and make sure their kids can go to school ready to learn.


Families on FTB-A will lose a supplement of $726 a year per child, and families on FTB-B will lose a supplement of $354 a year per family.


The Government is also cutting support to single parents and grandparent carers, leaving these families worse off by thousands of dollars a year.


Malcolm Turnbull is keeping the details of these cuts secret, just like his secret plans to increase the cost of everything with a higher GST.


Whether it’s his cuts to hardworking families or his plans to increase the GST, Turnbull won’t come clean.  


It’s time the Liberals told the truth to families about their budget cuts and tax increases.




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