June 21, 2017

Around 2,400 migrants each year could be forced to wait 15 years for the Age Pension under nasty cuts introduced into the Parliament today by the Turnbull Government. 

This cut will see people of pension age born overseas living on Special Benefit – the same rate as Newstart.

Around 100,000 Australian families are set to be worse off as a result of new cuts to Family Tax Benefits, through changes to the FTB taper rates.

A typical family on a combined household income of $105,000 with two kids in high school will be around $1,700 worse off on 1 July 2018.

For some families this will be a double blow because their household income will be cut when the changes to penalty rates kick-in on 1 July this year.

The Turnbull Government also wants to extend the liquid assets waiting period from 13 weeks to six months.

This cut means that people who have worked and paid taxes their entire life will be forced to draw down on their savings for up to six months before being eligible for income support in the event they lose their job. This will hit people hard who have been made redundant.

The Turnbull Government is also bringing back to life a zombie cut that will see pensioners lose their Pension Supplement if they spend more than 6 weeks overseas.

On top of that cuts are also being proposed for the Pensioner Education Supplement and Education Entry Payment, around $90 million cut in total. 

Students are not spared from the new cuts. Mr Turnbull’s latest cuts will see support for students cut by around $1.9 million as a result of changes to the eligibility of the relocation scholarship.

These are nasty cuts that will hurt families, pensioners, students and vulnerable Australians.

Mr Turnbull’s idea of fairness is giving tax cuts to millionaires and multinationals and making nasty cuts to pensioners and families. He’s completely out of touch. 

The Turnbull Government should stop targeting pensioners, families, students and vulnerable Australians with nasty cuts. 


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