May 12, 2016

Independent analysis by the Australian National University (ANU) shows that low and middle income families will be the hardest hit by cuts in Malcolm Turnbull’s first Budget. 

This is more proof that Malcolm Turnbull’s first Budget puts millionaires before battlers.

Mr Turnbull’s priorities are all wrong. He is putting big business first and hurting families – with cuts to family tax benefits, schools, Medicare and paid parental leave.

The ANU analysis shows that single-parent families with the lowest incomes will be worst affected, losing around 3.6 per cent of their income on average.

At the same time, some of the wealthiest households will be around $392 a year better off.

Why should a hard-working family in Western Sydney suffer huge cuts while a millionaire in Point Piper is made better off? 

Malcolm Turnbull and Scott Morrison are forcing families who can least afford it to do all the heavy lifting.

The closer you look at Malcolm Turnbull’s first Budget, the worse it gets.

It still contains the so called zombie measures from the reviled 2014 and 2015 Budgets, including massive cuts to family tax benefits that will hurt 1.5 million families.

Just like Tony Abbott, Malcolm Turnbull is ripping money from the pockets of low and middle income families across Australia.

Mr Turnbull just doesn’t understand that ordinary Australian families are already struggling to make ends meet.

The last thing families need is more unfair cuts that make it even harder for them to get ahead. 

Labor understands that Budgets require tough choices, but the Liberals are making the wrong choices.

Mr Turnbull is reducing the living standards of low and middle income households, and he is still tripling the deficit.

Labor has a positive plan to invest in Australia’s future, repair the budget responsibly and protect the household budgets of ordinary families.

We’ll put people first.


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