March 08, 2016

The Turnbull Liberals have a secret plan to take complete control of the National Disability Insurance Scheme.


The Australian Financial Review has revealed that the Federal Government is trying to pressure the states and territories into sweeping changes that would allow the Liberals to change the funding and who is eligible for the NDIS.


This is a transparent attempt by Minister Christian Porter to ignore the needs of people with disability, sideline the states and territories, sack the board members and put in his own cronies who will take orders from him.


There is a simple reason why the Turnbull Government is trying to take complete control of the National Disability Insurance Scheme. It wants the power to cut the scheme, change the eligibility of participants and delay its implementation. 


Labor will fight any moves by the Liberals to cut or delay the NDIS.


There is no good reason for these radical, ideological attacks on the National Disability Insurance Scheme. It is being delivered on time and on budget, and is already transforming the lives of thousands of people with disability.


We are entering a crucial period for the NDIS and it is critical that the Turnbull Government make its successful implementation a priority. 


We need answers on housing, on a national quality framework and a proper workforce strategy, and more attention needs to be given to sector development.


This is where the Government’s focus should be, not on taking complete control of the scheme, picking fights with states and territories or trying to sack the board.


This latest attack on the NDIS comes as more unfounded claims of a cost blowout in the NDIS are published in The Australian today.


There is absolutely no evidence of a cost overrun, as the government's own officials confirmed last month:


Government official: “Frankly Senator there have been many, many inaccurate news reports about cost blowouts in the NDIS, and they are all inaccurate…I can say on the record that the NDIS is tracking to budget.”




They say there is bipartisan support for the NDIS, but for more than two years the Coalition has tried every trick in the book to undermine the future of the scheme.


The Turnbull Government needs to end its war on the National Disability Insurance Scheme.



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