November 23, 2015

New figures show three million Australian children will lose support under Malcolm Turnbull’s unfair cuts to family payments.

The figures, from Minister Christian Porter’s own department, show 1.6 million families and their children will lose hundreds of dollars a year in important Family Tax Benefit supplement payments.  

The figures also show that Turnbull’s hip-pocket hit will be particularly felt in Western Sydney and parts of Melbourne, but will barely touch the electorates the Liberal leadership call home.

Nine out of the top 10 electorates in NSW with the most affected families are in Western Sydney. These cuts will have a huge impact on families in this region.

The top two electorates in the country where families are hardest hit are in Victoria – the electorates of Lalor and Holt have the largest number of families who stand to lose because of Turnbull’s cuts.

Meanwhile, families in Malcolm Turnbull and Julie Bishop’s electorates will be the least affected by their cuts.  

Family Tax Benefit supplements help families pay the mortgage and the bills, put food on the table and make sure their kids can go to school ready to learn.

Families on FTB-A will lose a supplement of $726 a year per child, and families on FTB-B will lose a supplement of $354 a year per family.

About half a million of these families are earning less than $50,000 a year.

And these cuts are all before the Liberals increase the GST, which will drive up the cost of everything at the supermarket.

This just shows that Malcolm Turnbull may talk a lot about fairness but he has no idea what it means. He has no idea how much families will be hurt by his attacks on their cost of living.

Labor will fight the Liberals’ cuts to family supplements, as well as the cuts to support for grandparent carers and single parents families.

Families can tell Turnbull they don’t support his unfair cuts by signing up at http://www.givefamiliesafairgo.org/.

Most FTB-A families by electorate:


  1. Lalor (VIC) – 21,000 families

  2. Holt (VIC) – 20,100 families

  3. Chifley (NSW) – 19,000 families

  4. Gorton (VIC) – 18,500 families

  5. Rankin (QLD) – 18,400 families

New South Wales

  1. Chifley – 19,000 families

  2. Blaxland – 18,300 families  

  3. Fowler – 17,200 families

  4. Werriwa – 15,700 families

  5. Watson – 15,300 families

  6. Parramatta – 14,000 families

  7. Lindsay – 13,400 families

  8. McMahon – 13,000 families

  9. Parkes – 12,800 families

  10. MacArthur – 12,500 families

Source: Department of Social Services