May 02, 2016

In an interview with the Daily Telegraph, under-pressure-Treasurer Scott Morrison has said that Australian families are the most important contributor to economic growth.

The Treasurer – for once – is completely right. The financial position of families is crucial to a growing economy.


So why is the Turnbull Government planning to hit Australian families with massive cuts in tomorrow night’s Budget? How does that help families, household consumption or the economy?


Every single family who relies on Family Tax Benefits will be worse off under the Turnbull Government.


Tomorrow night’s Budget will confirm the Government’s plans to abolish Family Tax Benefit supplements – worth $726 a year per child for FTB-A and $354 a year per family for FTB-B.


Under Malcolm Turnbull’s cuts to household budgets, some families will be as much as $5000 a year worse off.


That is $5000 less that families would have to raise their children, pay the bills and support local businesses.


There is a clear choice for families this election.


The Liberals will cut family tax benefits, cut Medicare and cut penalty rates


Labor will stand up for middle and working class families.


While the Liberals look after the top end of town, Labor puts people first.


MONDAY, 2 MAY 2016