December 02, 2015

Malcolm Turnbull has delivered a cruel Christmas present to Australian families, reintroducing his savage cuts to Family Tax Benefits.

Australian families will start 2016 in the same way they started 2015 – with the threat of savage cuts to their family budgets hanging over their heads.

Next year, they will also face the threat of an increase in the rate of the GST – a whack of around $4,000 a year for the average Australian family. 

Malcolm Turnbull’s cuts to Family Tax Benefits will hurt more than 1.6 million Australian families, including single parents.

3 million children will be impacted.

Some families will lose as much as $4,700. Just like the GST, this will be a massive hit to family budgets around Australia. 

Malcolm Turnbull has also reintroduced a number of cuts from the 2014 Budget, including the abolition of the Education Entry Payment and the Pensioner Education Supplement. 

These payments go to low income Australians to help them with the cost of their education.

The fact that Malcolm Turnbull is proceeding with these cuts shows he is just as out-of-touch as his predecessor. Why does Malcolm Turnbull want to make it harder for disadvantaged Australians to get an education? 

2015 might have been the end of Tony Abbott, but it certainly was not the end of the Liberal’s relentless attack on Australian families.  Malcolm Turnbull has changed nothing. 

The only way to stop these cuts – and stop the GST going up - is to throw out the Liberals. 

In 2016, one thing is clear: families will always be better off under Labor.


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