May 02, 2016

When talking about the Budget on Sky News last night, Malcolm Turnbull insisted:

“This is not Tony Abbott’s plan, this is the plan of the Turnbull Government.”


Malcolm Turnbull, Sky News, 1 May 2016


Tony Abbott’s last Budget included cuts to paid parental leave that will leave 80,000 new mums up to $11,800 worse off.


Malcolm Turnbull’s Budget will also include paid parental leave cuts for 80,000 women every year.


Tony Abbott’s Budgets included savage cuts to family tax benefits that hurt low and middle income families.


Under Malcolm Turnbull’s cuts to households in his Budget, some families will be as much as $5000 a year worse off.


Tony Abbott’s first Budget tried to slash the pension and increased the pension age to 70 – the oldest in the developed world.


Malcolm Turnbull’s Budget will include a cut to the assets test which will leave 330,000 part-pensioners worse off. And the Government is still committed to giving Australia the highest pension age in the world.


By keeping all of these unfair measures in the Budget, Malcolm Turnbull is proving that he is no better than Tony Abbott.


Malcolm Turnbull says one thing and then does the opposite. He said he would be different to Tony Abbott, but families and pensioners can’t tell the difference.


MONDAY, 2 MAY 2016