March 23, 2017

The Turnbull Government has revived an Abbott-era cut by freezing the payment rates of Family Tax Benefits for two years.

Every single family in Australia who relies on Family Tax Benefits to help make ends meet will be worse off because of Malcolm Turnbull’s cuts.

This sledgehammer blow to Australian families comes straight from the horror 2014 Budget and will cut $1.4 billion from household budgets.

It shows Malcolm Turnbull is just as bad as Tony Abbott – and he is the most out of touch Prime Minister we’ve ever had.

Freezing the indexation of Family Tax Benefit rates will mean that 1.5 million Australian families and more than two  million children will be worse off.

Labor opposes these savage cuts and will continue to stand up for middle and working class families.

Labor also remains opposed to the other cruel cuts reintroduced in this Bill – freezing the income free areas for working age payments for three years and adding a one week waiting period for working age payments. These are attacks on the most vulnerable with no policy rationale.

Labor has defended Australians from unfair cuts to paid parental leave, the five week wait to Newstart, and scrapping the Energy Supplement for pensioners.

Labor has fought tooth and nail to defeat these unfair zombie cuts.

We now call on the Turnbull Government to drop these unfair zombie cuts out of the Budget and out of the Parliament for good.

The Turnbull Government has long argued that its child care changes had to be linked to $5.6 billion in cuts in the omnibus bill.

Labor has always said that this was a cynical political link between huge cuts and child care assistance.

Labor will continue to fight for families, pensioners, new mums and young people.