October 20, 2015

Reports today suggest that the Abbott-Turnbull Government is considering a humiliating backdown on around $5 billion in cuts to Family Tax Benefits.  

If true, this is a big win for Australian families and a big win for Labor.

More than 1.5 million families have been spared a freeze to their Family Tax Benefit rates, and freezes to eligibility thresholds.

It also appears single parent and single income families will be spared a cut of $3,000 per year when their youngest child turns six. The Government appears to be proposing to increase this from six to twelve years of age.

Labor has been fighting these cuts for more than 18 months. For 18 months, the Liberals have defended them – everyone including Malcolm Turnbull, Scott Morrison, Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey.  

Malcolm Turnbull must come clean with Australian families and explain exactly what changes he is making to his families package. 

Never forget, Labor has stopped $23 billion in cuts to pension indexation.

Labor has stopped cuts to young jobseekers that would have left young unemployed Australians with nothing to live on for six months.

Now it looks like Labor will stop around $5 billion in cuts to Family Tax Benefits.

If it wasn’t for Labor, families, pensioners and young jobseekers would have all fallen victim to the Liberal’s cruel cuts.

Labor will examine the details of any new proposals put forward by the Government.

However, Labor will not accept any unfair cuts that hurt vulnerable Australians.

Labor will continue to stand side by side with Australian families.

Only Labor can be trusted to protect Australian families.


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