March 02, 2017

The Turnbull Government is still holding the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) to ransom by linking its future to billions of dollars in unfair and harsh cuts to vulnerable Australians. 

The NDIS Savings Account was pushed through the House of Representatives today.

This new account is just a smokescreen for more cruel cuts by the Turnbull Government.

Contrary to what the Turnbull Government claims there are no ‘locked boxes’ when it comes to government revenue. Clause 81 of the Constitution says "all revenues or moneys raised or received by the executive government of the Commonwealth shall form one consolidated revenue fund..”

Mr Turnbull and Mr Porter should stop trying to play off one group of vulnerable Australians against another.

This is a disgraceful attempt at political blackmail that has been widely condemned.

People with disability deserve better from the Turnbull Government. This account has created uncertainly for people with disability about the secure funding of the NDIS.

Kurt Fearnley and key disability groups have criticised the Turnbull Government’s proposed NDIS savings fund, labelling it unnecessary and concerning.

"It is mischief … it is political opportunism and it is just wrong.”

"To say that the NDIS isn't important and that we need to directly grab money from X to pay for it … it hurts our community and the country as a whole."

            Kurt Fearnley, Australian Paralympian

"We have stated clearly, including in our pre-budget submission, that we reject any ties to funding the NDIS by cutting social security.”

Therese Sands - Disability People Organisation Australia

 “The Alliance does not support the Savings Fund as constructed in the Bill… the notion of a funding shortfall portrayed in the Bill and Ministers speech is actually concerning and perplexing.

Alan Blackwood – Young people in Nursing Homes National Alliance

“It is believed that the creation of this Special Account … places essential disability services and supports as non-core business of the Australian Government, with their full funding being dependent on other budget savings measures identified by the Government of the day”

Stephanie Gotlib – Children and Young People with Disability Australia

Labor will continue to stand up for Australians with disability.