May 03, 2016

In tonight’s Budget Malcolm Turnbull must end his war on working mums by dropping his unfair cuts to paid parental leave.

In last year’s Budget the Liberals introduced savage cuts to Labor’s paid parental leave scheme. Each year, these cuts will leave 80,000 families as much as $11,800 worse off.

And Australian women haven’t forgotten Scott Morrison and other Liberals labelling working mums rorters, fraudsters and double-dippers.

Mr Turnbull’s cuts to paid parental leave will mean new mums will be forced to live on less, and spend less time at home with their newborn babies during those precious early months.

Malcolm Turnbull says he believes in fairness, but it’s just another example of him saying one thing and doing the opposite.

What kind of Prime Minister rips $11,800 from the pockets of new mums? It might seem like small change to Malcolm Turnbull, but to young families it makes all the difference.

Australian families will also be hurt by the Liberals’ cuts to family tax benefits, with low-middle-income families as much as $5,000 a year worse off.

There is a clear choice for families this election.

The Liberals will cut family tax benefits, cut paid parental leave, cut Medicare and cut penalty rates.

Labor will stand up for middle and working class families.

While the Liberals look after the top end of town, Labor puts people first.

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