October 19, 2016

It is now clear that Malcolm Turnbull’s unfair cuts to young jobseekers and pensioners will again be rejected by the Parliament. 

Mr Turnbull now has an opportunity to show real leadership by scrapping his unfair cuts to young jobseekers and pensioners who spend more than six weeks overseas. 

If Mr Turnbull’s cuts had passed the Parliament, then young jobseekers under the age of 25 would have been forced to wait five weeks before accessing Newstart.

Australians do not want to see young people forced into poverty.

Mr Turnbull’s cuts would also have seen some migrant pensioners who visit relatives overseas have their pension reduced after six weeks.

Income support recipients who take up study would have also lost support to help them meet the costs of study.

On this anti-poverty week, Mr Turnbull can show leadership on poverty and inequality by removing these Budget cuts from the Parliament.

Labor has consistently opposed these unfair cut since they were first proposed in the 2014 and 2015 Budgets. 

It was Labor that stood up for young Australians when the Abbott-Turnbull Government wanted to force young jobseekers to wait six months before accessing any income support.

The measure was later revised to four weeks, on top of the existing one-week waiting period, meaning that young jobseekers would have to wait five weeks before accessing Newstart.  

Labor stood up for young people again against the five week wait to access income support.

Labor believes in fairness. We believe that young Australians should not be punished because they can’t find work they should be supported to find a job and keep it.

Mr Turnbull should remove these unfair cuts from the Parliament and from his Budget immediately.