February 01, 2017

Malcolm Turnbull has today doubled-down on his dishonest link between family tax benefit cuts and his child care changes.

More than one million Australian families on less than $80,000 will be worse off as a result of the cuts to family tax benefits that Malcom Turnbull has again committed to today.

Linking family tax benefits to child care changes is just another hoax from a desperate and deceptive Prime Minister.

For example, a single income family on $65,000 with two children in high school will not receive any child care support but will still loose around $3,000 because of cuts to family tax benefits.  

Why does Malcom Turnbull think it’s fair that hard-working families should pay the price for changes to child care?

It’s simply robbing Peter to pay Paul.

Even the Prime Minister’s right hand man, Arthur Sinodinos admits that this is a cynical ploy for political purposes.

“They’re linked…for political purposes.” – Arthur Sinodinos, Senate Estimates, 21 October 2015

We all agree that parents need child care relief – but Malcolm Turnbull's current plan is to spend $3 billion to make one in three families worse off.

Labor has serious concerns about the Government’s child care changes.

Some children will have their access to early education cut in half, others will be pushed out of the system altogether, and many Indigenous and rural services will face closure.

Labor, experts and stakeholders have been calling on the government to fix their flawed activity test, and protect Indigenous and country services – and we want to see this fixed in the new bill Malcom Turnbull has promised today.

Parents are sick of excuses and delays. In over three years the Coalition hasn't done a single thing to help ordinary Australian families with the cost of child care.