March 21, 2018

The Turnbull Government and Pauline Hanson’s One Nation are still axing the Bereavement Allowance, a payment to vulnerable people whose partner has died, despite claims made by Senator Hanson.

The truth is that two One Nation Senators missed a vote on Monday night on a Labor amendment that would have protected the Bereavement Allowance entirely.

One Nation’s, Brian Burston and Peter Georgiou missed the vote after a tie and then sided with the Turnbull Government to scrap the Bereavement Allowance.

Pauline Hanson can’t seriously take credit for protecting these vulnerable Australians.

In a farcical display last night, Senator Hanson moved an amendment claiming to save the Bereavement Allowance, but couldn’t even tell the Senate how many people would be covered by her amendment.

Eventually it was revealed that One Nation’s amendment will still axe the Bereavement Allowance payment, but compensate people through other payments, ultimately leaving a number of people worse off because it will be harder to access support.  

Labor wants to see the Bereavement Allowance remain as it is, that is the best way to protect vulnerable people in a time of loss.

The Bereavement Allowance is a short term payment for eligible people whose has partner has died. It is paid for a maximum of 14 weeks.

Axing the Bereavement Allowance is a cruel cut to vulnerable Australians following the loss of a loved one.

Malcolm Turnbull can’t take credit for protecting vulnerable Australians either, his original proposal would have seen close to 1,000 people lose the Bereavement Allowance each year.

Turnbull is totally out of touch when it comes to protecting vulnerable Australians.                                               


Authorised by Noah Carroll ALP Canberra