September 15, 2015

Labor welcomes the release of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse’s Final report Redress and Civil Litigation.

This report represents the Commission’s “concluded view” on redress. It comes ahead of the final report of the Royal Commission, due in 2017.

“By reporting as early as possible on these issues, we are seeking to give survivors and institutions more certainty on these issues and enable governments and institutions to implement our recommendations to improve civil justice for survivors as soon as possible.”


Final report Redress and Civil Litigation, p 3

The Commission has made it clear that the Government should act now on its recommendations, and Labor calls on it to do so.

Survivors of institutional care who have been victims of sexual abuse have waited a lifetime to get justice.

The Redress and Civil Litigation Report lists 99 recommendations including that ‘the Australian Government should determine and announce by the end of 2015 that it is willing to establish a single national redress scheme’.

Labor knows that survivors need ongoing support and services to help with healing.

Labor recommitted our support to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse and the need for a comprehensive redress scheme at our recent Australian Labor Party National Conference.

We strongly believe in the importance of building on the work of the Royal Commission by implementing measures to make sure that institutional abuse of children cannot happen on this scale again.

Labor is committed to seriously considering, with a view to implementing, the recommendations of the Royal Commission, including with respect to a redress scheme.

It is clear that a redress scheme will come at a cost, and Labor will work through this and other issues in close consultation with victims, governments and institutions.

A Labor Government will also report annually to the Parliament on its progress in its response to the recommendations of the Commission.


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