September 02, 2016

Reports in today’s Australian Financial Review have revealed the impact of the Turnbull Government’s mishandling of the NDIS rollout, with fewer than 1,000 people with disability receiving support packages in the two months since the full rollout of the NDIS commenced on 1 July 2016.


The report states that the NDIS will only reach 50 per cent of its target of 20,226 participants in the scheme by the end of September.


The situation is completely unacceptable. The Turnbull Government is putting this transformational scheme at risk.


First the Liberals failed to meet the August 2015 deadline for signing the bilateral agreements with the states. Some jurisdictions did not sign their agreements until May 2016.


Then they completely botched the development of the IT system, resulting in massive delays to the assessment of participants and significant periods in which providers went unpaid.


It is clear that these problems have meant the scheme is now behind schedule.


Christian Porter needs to start taking responsibility for the problems with the rollout of the NDIS.

Any attempt by the Government to attribute blame to anyone other than themselves would be a complete abrogation of their responsibilities.

They cannot pass the buck on this, as they did with the Census. The NDIS is their responsibility.

The NDIS is the most important reform since Medicare and thousands of people with disability are relying on the NDIS to improve their lives.

Labor is willing to work with the Government to fix these very serious problems with the rollout of the NDIS, but the Turnbull Government must start taking responsibility for the problems.



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