April 12, 2016

Before the last election, the Liberals promised Australian families “more jobs, higher wages and higher living standards”.


Malcom Turnbull and his Liberals have abjectly failed on each of these measures, and Australians families are paying the price.


This is yet more evidence of how out of touch Malcolm Turnbull and his Liberals are with the cost of living pressures facing families.


The Australian reports this morning that living standards have stagnated. Wages growth is at a standstill for middle and working class Australians, hundreds of thousands of people are unemployed, and one million more are underemployed.


It is getting harder and harder for Australian families to make ends meet. The gap between the very rich and the rest is getting wider, and inequality is now at a 75-year high.


But instead of looking out for families, raising living standards and reducing inequality, Malcolm Turnbull is only interested in protecting big business.


The cost of child care is going up and up, and the Government has done nothing to address it.


The Government has repeatedly tried to slash Family Tax Benefit payments which would leave 1.5 million families worse off - some by as much as $5000 a year.


The Government tried to cut the pension for 3.5 million pensioners, and it is still trying to increase the pension age to 70 – the highest in the developed wold.  


And Malcolm Turnbull has promised to cut paid parental leave after the next election, which would reduce the living standards for 80,000 young families every year.


Malcolm Turnbull has failed the cost of living test. He is going to the next election promising more pain for working and middle class Australians.  


He would rather give a tax cut to multinational companies than help struggling families get ahead.


Only Labor will stand up for Australian families and protect their living standards. Only Labor will put people first.




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