February 14, 2017

Malcolm Turnbull and the Minister for Social Services, Christian Porter have today insulted police women protecting our communities. 

Asked in Question Time today by Bill Shorten:

“Under the Government's latest cuts to Paid Parental Leave, a female police officer in Victoria will lose 12 weeks of Paid Parental Leave.

That's a loss of around $8,000.

Can the Prime Minister explain to police officers who sacrifice so much to protect our community why he wants them to return to their challenging work sooner, with less money, because of his cuts to Paid Parental Leave?

-       Bill Shorten, House of Reps, 14 February 2017

Mr Turnbull wouldn’t even acknowledge the massive cuts to paid parental leave that police women face because of his unfair cuts.

Christian Porter then insulted Victorian police women by implying that they don’t deserve 14 weeks of employer provided paid parental leave. 

Under the Turnbull Government’s latest cuts to paid parental leave around 70,000 new mums will be worse off.

70,000 new mums with a median income of $62,000 would be on average $5,600 worse off. 

Is Mr Porter calling women earning $62,000 a year rich?

Around one third of Australia’s 60,000 police officers are women.

In their Senate inquiry submission, the Police Federation of Australia stated:

“In most police jurisdictions, there is an ongoing requirement for operational safety training qualifications. Coupled with the physical demands of frontline policing, birth recovery and operational readiness provides an extraordinary burden on women police to be fit for duty. The reduction in the time for maternal recovery will compromise the ability to return to frontline duties.

Taking away the additional weeks of paid parental leave… is enough to make a real difference to mothers. Frontline police work combined with nature of shiftwork makes policing an occupation where the reduction of available paid parental leave will have an extraordinary impact on women.”

-       Police Federation of Australia, Senate PPL inquiry, 15 December 2016

Labor will continue to stand up for Australian families by protecting them from cuts to paid parental leave.