October 22, 2015

Rookie Social Services Minister Christian Porter has given a train wreck interview on Sky News late this afternoon as he struggles to explain his Government’s cuts to family payments.

This afternoon, David Speers asked:


“Labor asked today will grandparents raising a 15 year old child will be $2,500 a year worse off, will they?


Porter answered:


Errr, well, that depends on their capacity to access childcare and re-enter the workforce.”


David Speers responded: I’m talking about a 15 year-old?


Porter asks quizzically: A 15 year-old, child? The point being made here by Labor is a fair point.


Later, Speers asks:


Speers: So they are $2,500 worse off?


Porter: Well, in isolation.


Speers: All up they’re worse off?


Porter: Well, again it then depends upon their willingness and ability to re-enter the workforce and receive the benefits of the childcare package…


Speers: I’m talking about teenage kids – they’re not going to be using childcare.


Porter: No but their parents will be though.


Mr Porter 15 year-old children aren’t going to childcare.


Is Mr Porter seriously suggesting a 70 year old grandparent carer go back to work to make up for the Government’s cuts to family payments?


Its clear Mr Porter isn’t across his brief.


The painful interview even saw Porter fumble around with his notes as he tried to explain how much the cuts will save.


Christian Porter is completely out of his depth. 


Labor is very concerned about how these cuts will affect grandparent carers.




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