May 18, 2014

Tony Abbott is using tricky and dishonest language to hide the real cruelty of his cuts to Australian families.

Appearing on ABCs Insiders this morning, Tony Abbott used an example of a sole income family with one child under six on $30,000.

What he failed to mention was that this family will have its Family Tax Benefit B cut completely when that child turns six.

That cut alone will leave that family $2,268 worse off each year from when their child turns six. 

In addition, they will now have to pay new taxes every time their child gets sick, and a new tax every time they fill up their car with petrol.

They will also lose the Schoolkids Bonus and the Income Support Bonus.

Tony Abbott is deliberately trying to hide the real extent of his cruel budget.

The reality is that low and middle income families are going to have their own budgets savagely cut as a result of Tony Abbott’s budget.  

This is a bad budget for families and a bad budget for Australia. Tony Abbott’s lies won’t change that simple fact.

SUNDAY, 18 MAY 2014

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