May 01, 2015

The Abbott Liberal Government needs to tell Australian families who will be worse off from their upcoming families package.

Reports in The Australian today show more chaos, incompetence and dishonesty from this Liberal Government.


There are still more questions than there are answers: How many families will be worse off? How many children could be pushed out of the child care system altogether? How many people will have their access to early education and care cut? How much harder it will be for part time and casual workers to balance work and family? And, what will happen to parent’s out-of-pocket costs?


We know that the Government will hold low and middle income families ransom to pay for their package, by pursuing cuts to the Family Tax Benefit which could leave some families up to $6,000 worse off.

We know that the child care sector has serious concerns that new restrictions could push up to 100,000 families could out of the child care system altogether – leaving many children without access to early education.


We know these changes would hurt parents trying to return to the workforce by creating the ultimate catch-22 – unable to access child care without working but locked out of work without child care.


The Government has broken their own undertaking of bipartisanship – their publicly claimed cooperation with Labor was nothing more than a veneer and they have failed to provide any meaningful information.


Labor will assess the Government’s families package in detail once more information about the Government’s proposals and their impacts on families come to light.


We want to ensure that families are better-off overall and we won’t be supporting the Government’s unfair attacks on low and middle income families to pay for it.


FRIDAY, 1 MAY 2015