August 31, 2015

Today is Tony Abbott's deadline for signing the agreements for the full rollout of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).


Tony Abbott promised these bilateral agreements with states would be signed by the end of August.

Unfortunately, it looks like he is going to break the promise he made to the 460,000 people with disability, their families and carers waiting for the NDIS. 

Tony Abbott must sign the bilateral agreements with state and territory governments on the full rollout of the NDIS to make sure there are no delays to its full roll out.


Before the election Tony Abbott promised the NDIS would be rolled out on time and in full. 


A delay in signing the bilateral agreements with states could mean a delay to the full rollout of the NDIS. 


Why is the Abbott Government dragging its feet on this important reform?


The agreement with New South Wales is ready.


The NDIS launch site in Queensland is ready.


Tony Abbott could sign these today to show his commitment to rolling out the NDIS on time and in full. 

Tony Abbott has a habit of breaking his election promises.


People with disability deserve better – they deserve certainty about the transition to the full roll out of the NDIS to get the care and support needed.  


No cuts, no delay, no more lies Tony Abbott. 



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