October 01, 2014

Tony Abbott has confirmed that he will persist with his cuts to the pension, despite being forced into a humiliating back down by Labor in the Senate today.

The Government has indicated it is preparing to drop legislation currently before the Senate that would make cuts to pensions, cuts to families and cuts to young people.

The Government has been forced to back down – for now. 

But make no mistake: Tony Abbott has shown his hand.

He is still intent on cutting the pension.

He is still intent on cutting family payments.

He is still intent on driving young jobseekers into poverty.

The Prime Minister was asked in Question Time today whether he would abandon his plans to cut indexation of the Age Pension and raise the pension age to 70.

In both cases the Prime Minister confirmed he will continue his attack on pensioners.

Treasurer Joe Hockey earlier confirmed the Government would “never give up” on trying to pass its cruellest budget measures.

Joe Hockey and Tony Abbott still don’t get it. Australians do not want their horror budget.

For four months, Labor has joined pensioners, young people and families in a relentless campaign against Tony Abbott’s Budget.

But it’s clear the Government is still intent on pursuing their savage cuts to pensioners, families and young people.

Labor will never stop fighting the Abbott Government’s attack on vulnerable Australians.


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