February 14, 2017

The Turnbull Government’s incompetence has been exposed again with crossbench Senators joining Labor in opposing the Government’s unfair omnibus cuts to families, pensioners, new mums and young people. 

The Turnbull Government must now drop its unfair omnibus cuts to Family Tax Benefits, paid parental leave, Newstart and the Energy Supplement that it yesterday disgracefully linked to the future of the NDIS.

Mr Turnbull, Mr Morrison and Mr Porter should take these unfair cuts out of the Parliament and out of the Budget, for good.

Christian Porter should be condemned for his shameful attempt to link the future of the National Disability Insurance Scheme with support for cruel cuts to vulnerable Australians.

The NDIS is a bipartisan reform that should be above politics.

The Turnbull Government’s attempt to blackmail the Senate crossbench by threatening the future of the NDIS was wrong and offensive to people with disability.

Mr Porter has no right to use the NDIS as a bargaining chip in negotiations with the Senate.

Mr Turnbull and Mr Porter should get on with the job of delivering the NDIS. They should stop putting the future of the NDIS into doubt.

The Turnbull Government must also end their cynical political link between the omnibus cuts and child care assistance.

It’s time they stopped holding child care support to ransom, fixed their package and got on with delivering the assistance they have long promised parents.

It’s not right to spend $1.6 billion of taxpayers money on child care changes that will cut access for vulnerable and disadvantaged children and force Indigenous and country services to close.