March 01, 2016

Today marks ten weeks until Malcolm Turnbull is due to hand down his first Budget.

The Prime Minister has ten weeks to drop his unfair cuts which will increase the cost of living for more than 1.5 million Australian families.

If he doesn’t drop these unfair cuts, then he has to take them to an election. The Australian people should be able to vote on the Liberals’ attacks on household budgets.

The cuts to family payments that are currently in the Parliament include the abolition of end-of-year supplements, which 1.5 million low-and-middle-income families receive to help them make ends meet.

If Malcolm Turnbull keeps his cuts, some families will be as much as $5000 a year worse off.

The Liberals are also trying to cut paid parental leave for 80,000 new mums, leaving some as much as $11,800 worse off after the birth of their baby.

Time is running out for the Prime Minister. He has to come clean on what he plans to do. Either drop your unfair cuts, or take them to an election.

In the last two Budgets, the Liberals have proposed:

·         Savage cuts to family payments, particularly hurting low income families and single parents;

·         Cutting paid parental leave for working mums while labelling them double-dippers and rorters;

·         Axing the Schoolkids Bonus;

·         Huge pension cuts and the highest retirement age in the developed world; and

·         Forcing young unemployed people to live off nothing for one month.

Unlike the Liberals, Labor has a plan to put people first. We are making the tax system fairer, we are funding better schools and we are helping families and pensioners with the cost of living.

Labor will stand with Australian families against these cuts every day up to the next election.

The clock is ticking. It’s time for Malcolm Turnbull to drop his cuts to families. 


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