July 25, 2015



It is my great pleasure to present Chapter 9 of our National Platform – a Fair Go for All Australians.


Friends, as I stand before you today, the fair go that generations of Australians have worked to build is under attack.


It is under attack from Tony Abbott and the Liberals who have spent their time in government undermining our country’s great traditions of fairness, egalitarianism and opportunity for all.


Today I am here with you so we can show there is a better way.


Labor has a plan for the future with fairness at its very core.


Because – Labor knows that fairness is more than just a political slogan.


It is fundamental to who we are as a party and as a nation.


Labor knows that when everyone has a chance to get a decent job, earn a decent wage and live a decent life,

then we are all better off.


We know that fairness and prosperity go hand in hand.


That is why we are here: to build a fair and prosperous Australia.


It is why we have always fought for a decent minimum wage and proper conditions at work.


It is why we built our universal health care system - Medicare.


It is why Labor designed a funding model for our schools to make sure every child gets the best possible education.


It is why we delivered pensioners the biggest increase to the pension in its 100 year history.


It is why we built the National Disability Insurance Scheme – a transformative scheme that is already changing the lives of people with disability around the country.


And it is why we established the first national paid parental leave scheme - supporting hundreds of thousands of new parents as they bond with their newborn babies.


It is why we want to close the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.


And friends, we do all of these things not just because of some vague sense of altruism.


These are not just feel good initiatives.


They are there to ensure we prosper: as individuals and as a nation. 


This fundamental belief in the link between fairness, opportunity and prosperity is what has made this nation great for generations.


And it is what will make it even greater for generations to come.


Because today is all about the future.


It is about renewing our commitment to fairness and opportunity for every Australian.


And this aim has never been so important.


Not just because we are faced with a government intent on destroying our fair society, but also because, we know that times are changing.


The world is changing.


It will fall to Labor, as it has for every generation, to make sure that the Australia we leave our children is even better than that which was left to us.


More prosperous.


More inclusive.


An Australia wherever you are born.


Or where you go to school.


Or what illness or disability life might throw your way.


If you are Indigenous or non-Indigenous or came to this country last year.  


If you are male or female, young or old.


You will get a fair go in Australia.


A chance to live a decent life.


And create a decent life for your children.


A life free from violence.


That is why we are here.


That is what we are fighting for.


And friends there is a way to ensure a fair go for all Australians.


First, we need to get rid of Tony Abbott.


Get rid of Joe Hockey and Scott Morrison and all their mates.


And we need a positive vision backed by policies to deliver the fair go for generations to come.


That is what this platform delivers.


I commend the chapter to you.