April 29, 2015

Shadow Minister for Families and Payments, Jenny Macklin today joined pensioners in the electorate of Hindmarsh.



Before the election, the 21,000 Age pensioners who live in the electorate of Hindmarsh were promised by Tony Abbott there would be “no change to pensions”.


The pensioners I have spoken with today are angry. They feel they have been betrayed by Tony Abbott and the Liberal Party.


Almost a year after Tony Abbott’s budget of broken promises more than 200,000 South Australian pensioners are facing massive cuts to their concessions.


Because of Tony Abbott, the $1.3 billion National Partnership Agreement on Certain Concessions for Pensioners and Seniors Card Holders was axed.


This is another major hit to the retirement security of South Australian pensioners.


The Agreement provided the South Australian Government with financial support to provide pensioners and Seniors Card Holders discounts for essential services such as public transport and help paying their electricity and water bills.


Tony Abbott and Scott Morrison are determined to cut support for pensioners.


Before the election Tony Abbott promised “no change to pensions”.


After the election Mr Abbott cut funding for concessions to pensioners.


He’s cutting the indexation of the pension, a cut that will result in an $80 a week cut to the pension.


And he’s increasing the eligibility age of the pension to 70.


Tony Abbott is making South Australian pensioners pay for his broken promises.


The Liberal Party is determined to cut support for pensioners.


Only Labor is standing up for Australian pensioners and fighting for a fair pension.


Australian pensioners deserve support, security and certainty in their retirement – and that’s what Labor will always fight for.