February 18, 2016

Treasurer Scott Morrison has promised Australians more of the same unfair cuts in May’s Budget.

On ABC AM this morning, when asked how he would make savings, Mr Morrison replied:

“The same way we’ve been doing it for the last two and a half years.”

This is what the Liberals have served up in their last two Budgets:

  • Savage cuts to family payments, particularly hurting low income families and single parents

  • Huge pension cuts and the highest retirement age in the developed world

  • Axing the Schoolkids Bonus

  • Forcing young unemployed people to live off nothing for six months

  • Cutting paid parental leave for working mums while labelling them double-dippers and rorters.

And now the new Treasurer is offering the same again. More cuts, more cost of living increases, more unfairness.

The cuts to family payments that Turnbull and Morrison have already promised will cost households as much as $5000 year. What other cost of living increases are they planning?

Labor has a plan to put people first. We are making the tax system fairer, we are funding better schools and we are helping families and pensioners with the cost of living.

The Liberals only ever have two ideas – jack up the GST or savagely cut household budgets.

More and more each day, Turnbull and Morrison are showing Australians that they are just as incompetent and out of touch as the people they replaced.

This is the same Liberal government, with the same unfair cuts.  


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