February 04, 2015

Retirees are demanding that Tony Abbott abandon his 1.5 per cent Paid Parental Leave Tax, joining a growing chorus of business leaders also calling for the tax to be scrapped. 

If Tony Abbott keeps the PPL Tax, retirees estimate they will lose around $1.6 billion from their franking credits, because they will have to pay more tax on their investment returns.

This is on top of the $886 every year that around 290,000 retirees will lose if Tony Abbott gets his way and abolishes the annual Seniors Supplement.  

It’s time for Tony Abbott to be honest and tell Australians whether he is keeping his new tax. 

On Monday, Tony Abbott abandoned his ‘signature’ Paid Parental Leave Scheme, but refused to scrap the tax that was going to pay for it. 

Tony Abbott and his Ministers have spent all week refusing to come clean on their plans for the tax, or what policy is going to replace the Paid Parental Leave Scheme.

In the meantime, business leaders, retirees and many Australians have no idea what the Abbott Government’s new policy is going to be.

The chaos and confusion that surrounds the Abbott Government continues.

Despite having promised to be more consultative, it’s clear Tony Abbott hasn’t spoken with either of these groups about his Government’s plans for its PPL Tax.

Tony Abbott needs to give retirees certainty about whether they are going to be negatively affected by his PPL Tax.

He also needs to give the business community certainty about what their future tax burden will be.

And most importantly, he needs to tell Australian families what his new families package is going to be.

Australians have had enough of Tony Abbott’s deceit.


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