May 03, 2015

Parents and educators are today relieved the  Government has announced that they will fund access to preschool and kindergarten for the next two years.

Labor established the Universal Access program in 2009 to ensure all children have access to 15 hours of preschool of kindergarten in the year before school, in recognition of the transformative impact of early education for children.

As a result, enrolment in 15 hours a week in the year before school has skyrocketed from only 23 per cent to more than 82 per cent.

The Australian community fought hard for the Abbott Government to fund this program, after previously only extending it for twelve months. Thousands of Australians added their voice to Labor's 15 Hour Best Start campaign, initiated as a response to the Government's failure to fund preschool and kindergarten beyond 2015.

This is an important investment in Australia's future and it is encouraging to know that our children will continue to be able to access quality education in the year before school.

SUNDAY, 3 MAY 2015