February 25, 2014

The Prime Minister has again refused to rule out cuts to the Age Pension in Question Time today, at the same time reaffirming his commitment to paying $75,000 to wealthy women to have a baby.

The Prime Minister was asked:

“Does the Prime Minister think it is fair to cut the Age Pension while at the same time paying $75,000 to wealthy women to have a baby under the Prime Minister’s Paid Parental Leave Scheme?”

-          Tony Abbott – 25 February 2014

In his response, the Prime Minister again refused to use the word ‘pension’ at all.

This is the second day in a row that the Prime Minister has dodged questions about the Age Pension. This is the second day in a row he has refused to rule out cutting the pension.

It seems the Prime Minister believes it is more important to pay $75,000 to wealthy women to have a baby than to give our 2.3 million age pensioners are fair go.  

The Prime Minister shouldn’t be hiding his secret cuts behind sneaky, tricky answers. There is a 900-page blueprint for cuts sitting on the Treasurer’s desk right now, and pensioners deserve to know right now if they are on the Government’s chopping block.

In Question Time today the Prime Minister also got totally wrong how he is planning to pay for his rolled gold Paid Parental Leave Scheme, stating that: “the coalition's fair dinkum Paid Parental Leave Scheme will be fully funded and headroom will be made for it through a 1.5 per cent company tax cut”.

In fact, the Government’s unaffordable PPL scheme will be paid for by a 1.5 per cent “levy” on 3000 companies. This is actually a tax on companies, and on consumers. It is not a tax cut – it is a tax increase.

This is an embarrassing gaffe from a Prime Minister already struggling to sell his Paid Parental Leave scheme inside his own partyroom.

If Tony Abbott’s own colleagues won’t wear his unfair and unaffordable scheme, why should the Australian people have to?


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