April 24, 2015

Even Australia’s youngest aren’t exempt from bearing the brunt of the Abbott Government’s unfair Budget priorities, with new figures revealing pre-school and kindergarten children are facing a loss of funding of up to $1,800 in support each as a result of the Government’s failure to provide federal funding beyond this year.


Reports today show children in New South Wales will be the hardest hit, losing almost $1,800 in funding per child. This is followed by the Northern Territory at $1,466 per child, Tasmania at $1,330, Queensland $1,310, Western Australia $1,301, South Australia $1,280, Victoria $1,203 and the ACT $1,160.


The Early Learning Association of Australia has said that without federal funding, fees could skyrocket by up to 70 per cent.


With 90 per cent of brain development occurring in the first five years, it is so important to give our children every opportunity for a kick-start in life. Since Labor introduced federal funding to ensure every child has access to 15 hours of preschool or kindergarten in the year before school, children accessing 15 hours has climbed from only 23 per cent in 2009 to 82 per cent now.


The latest research also shows children who attended preschool or kindergarten go on to score better in Year Three NAPLAN and Year Four maths, English and science.


Unfortunately this is all at jeopardy because of the Abbott Government. Labor is calling on them to make this situation right and provide funding in the upcoming Budget.


Everyone can play a role in telling the Government to come to their senses by adding their name to Labor’s 15HourBestStart campaign – visit