February 03, 2015

Tony Abbott must immediately clarify his plans for his 1.5 per cent Paid Parental Leave Tax on big business. 

A day after breaking his promise on his ‘signature’ paid parental leave scheme, Tony Abbott and his ministers have been unable to clarify whether or not the PPL Tax will remain. 

Will Australians still have to pay the tax, even though they won't get Abbott's promised paid parental leave?

The PPL Tax will hurt Australians families every time they go to the checkout - it will be passed onto consumers by supermarkets and other large companies that will be forced to pay it.

It's clear that Tony Abbott has no idea about any of the details of his so-called 'families package'. 

Tony Abbott’s claim that families will be ‘front and centre’ of his government is clearly just political spin. 

The reality is, Tony Abbott's only families policy is his budget, which slashes $5.5 billion from family payments. 

Tony Abbott's budget will leave some Australian families as much as $6,000 worse off each year – the equivalent of three months’ worth of child care.

If Tony Abbott is serious about supporting Australian families, he should reverse his Budget cuts to families. 

Tony Abbott dumped his Paid Parental Leave scheme simply to try and save his Prime Ministership.

But the chaos and confusion remains. 

The uncertainty of the future of the 1.5 per cent tax just shows how chaotic this Liberal Government has become.


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