March 17, 2016

Christian Porter has shown he is as dishonest and shameless as the Treasurer, today misleading the Parliament about the funding for the NDIS.

It is pathetic and cowardly to use the NDIS as political football like this. Christian Porter should be ashamed of himself.


In the 2013-14 Budget, the Labor Government clearly identified how the NDIS would be funded for ten years.


This included a 0.5 per cent increase in the Medicare Levy. The Medicare Levy was always intended to cover some – not all – of the cost of the NDIS.


That’s why Labor made responsible Budget choices to help fund the NDIS – including means testing the Private Health Insurance Rebate, reforming retirement incomes and other long-term, structural savings. Once the scheme is fully rolled out, State and Territory Governments will fund nearly half of the cost of the scheme.


Shifting money from consolidated revenue into a special account doesn’t change the fact that Labor identified the savings for the NDIS when in government.


The National Disability Insurance Scheme is already transforming the lives of thousands of Australians with disability. This is the biggest social reform since Medicare and it is being delivered on time and within the budget.


The NDIS is also an investment in our economic future. The Productivity Commission found it would boost our GDP by billions of dollars a year and create more jobs.


People with disability, their families and carers have waited their whole lives for the NDIS.


It is unforgiveable for the Turnbull Government to keep trying to mislead and frighten Australians about the future of the NDIS.


The Turnbull Government should stop lying about the NDIS, stop using people with disability as a political football, and stop trying to divide Australians.



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