March 21, 2016

Labor welcomes yesterday’s scheduled increase to the pension.

In 2009, the Labor Government delivered the highest ever increase to the pension in history, and changed the indexation arrangements so that the pension kept pace with the cost of living and wage increases.

In attempting to take credit for yesterday’s pension increase, Social Services Minister Christian Porter said:

“We know every dollar counts for people on these payments, and I’m pleased to deliver these increases.”

  • Christian Porter, media release, 20 March 2016

These are hollow words from a member of a government that tried to slash the pension for 2.5 million elderly Australians.

The Liberal Government’s pension cuts – announced in the horror 2014 Budget – would have eventually left pensioners worse off by $80 a week.

If “every dollar counts”, why did the Liberal Government try to cut $80 a week from the Age Pension?

If the Christian Porter is “pleased to deliver these increases”, why did his government try to cut the living standards of every single Australian who relies on the pension?

Labor’s historic reforms to the pension pulled more than one million people out of poverty and gave Australians dignity in retirement.

In opposition, Labor has protected Australian pensioner’s from the Liberal Government’s cruel attacks.

Labor will continue to put pensioners first and protect older Australians from the Liberals’ cost of living increases.


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