November 15, 2016

The Minister for Social Services, Christian Porter must act to fix the problems with the NDIS rollout. 

Yesterday’s release of the latest Quarterly Report on the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) revealed that the scheme is failing to meet its targets with just 7,440 participants having an approved NDIS plan, considerably fewer than the target of 20,264 set for the quarter starting 1 July 2016.

What is Christian Porter going to do to get the NDIS back on track?

What is Christian Porter going to do to ensure that people with disability get the care and support they need?

The Turnbull Government must not use the problems with the NDIS rollout as an excuse to make further delays to the rollout of the scheme across Australia.

Mr Porter and the Turnbull Government have failed people with disability in three ways:

  • Failing to adequately resource the National Disability Insurance Agency so it can meet the demands of full rollout.
  •  Mismanaging the development of the IT system – the MyPlace portal, resulting in significant delays to the assessment of participants and significant periods in which disability service providers went unpaid. Last month at Senate Estimate it was revealed that live testing of the NDIS IT system could have prevented the widespread problems with the system. 
  •  Failing to meet the August 2015 deadline for signing the bilateral agreements with the states. Some jurisdictions did not sign their agreements until May 2016.

The NDIS can’t afford any more stuff-ups from Christian Porter and the Turnbull Government.

Each and every stuff-up is undermining confidence in the NDIS.                      

It’s time for Christian Porter to fix the problems with the NDIS rollout - thousands of people with disability are relying on the scheme to improve their lives.


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