September 16, 2016

The Minister for Social Services, Christian Porter must come clean on the mess being made of the NDIS rollout. 

Reports in today’s Australian reveal that the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) staff collectively spent 51 hours in one day waiting on hold to the Department of Human Services, the new in-house operator of the new IT system.

According to the report in one week, the agency logged 655 issues with the system and one agency source said staff “did the best they could by meeting clients and recording the meetings on bits of paper to fix up later”.

Christian Porter must come clean on the extent of the problems with NDIS rollout.

Mr Porter must reveal who is responsible for the NDIS IT mess.

Is it the Department of Social Services or the Department of Human Services?

Which Minister was responsible for key decisions on the payments system?

Mr Porter must also answer the reported claims that the NDIS participants are paying upfront costs as part of the scheme.

We know that Mr Porter was responsible for failing to adequately resource the National Disability Insurance Agency so it can meet the demands of the full rollout.

We know the Turnbull Government was responsible for failing to meet the August 2015 deadline for signing the bilateral agreements with the states.

Now reports indicate the Government was warned about the risks with the IT system months ago but continued with a “direct cutover” from the old to new online portal - the lowest-cost but highest-risk IT solution.

Mr Porter recently endorsed the NDIS MyPlace Portal stating:

“They’ve built a good system. The system did work, is working and one issue with the system has been repaired, a small glitch. The major problem has been the preparation of individuals and service providers to use the new system.”

Christian Porter, RN Drive, 31 August 2016

Labor remains willing to work cooperatively with the Government to resolve the issues with the payments system, but the Turnbull Government must take responsibility for fixing the problems.

No more blame games, no more buck passing – now is the time to fix the problems with the rollout of the NDIS.  

Mr Porter must come clean on the problems with the NDIS rollout.


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