November 21, 2016

 The Minister for Social Services, Christian Porter today demonstrated how out of touch he is with the needs of working mums. 

Asked in Question Time:


“A women working in Coles would lose 10 weeks of paid parental leave, a loss of around $6,700.


Can the Acting PM explain to mums working at Coles why he thinks that cutting the amount of time they can spend at home breast-feeding their newborn babies is fair?”


-       Jenny Macklin, House of Reps, 21 November 2016


Mr Porter gave a misleading answer, giving the impression that working women on average wages will not be affected by his cuts to paid parental leave. 


The truth is a mum working full-time (Mon-Fri) at Coles earns around $830 a week or $43,000 a year.


This working mum at Coles stands to lose 10 weeks of paid parental leave - a loss of around $6,700.


If there any doubt about how out of touch the Turnbull Government is when it comes to Australian families – paid parental leave is it.


$6,700 might not be much money to Mr Porter or Mr Turnbull but it makes big difference to a mum working at Coles who is raising a young family. 


Mr Porter has got bad habit of using misleading facts and figures to suit his political argument and paid parental leave is no exception.


Lie 1: Mr Porter likes to claim that mums with a median income of $43,000 won’t be affected by his unfair cuts to paid parental leave.


But official documents from the Department of Social Services clearly show that women with a median income of $43,000 will be thousands of dollars worse off.  

Any claim to the contrary by Mr Porter is false.

Lie 2: Today in Question Time, Christian Porter, also said:


They're not terms [double dipping, rorters and fraudsters] I've ever heard the Treasurer use with respect to that particular issue”.


-       Christian Porter, House of Reps, 21 November 2016 


But Scott Morrison has repeatedly accused working women of being ‘rorters’ and of ‘double-dipping’.


MORRISON: frankly in many cases I think is a rort.


-       Scott Morrison, Sky News  – 11 May 2015



MORRISON: and you shouldn’t be able to double dip just because your employer gives you a generous programme.


MORRISON: You don’t get to double dip.


-       Scott Morrison, Sky News - 11 May 2015