October 15, 2016

Reports that the National Disability Insurance Scheme’s rollout in the ACT has been capped are the latest sign that the Turnbull Government has been asleep at the wheel of the NDIS. 

There is no cap on the NDIS.

People with disability in the ACT who are entitled to receive care and support as part of the NDIS should be given access to the scheme.

Anything less is a betrayal of trust.

The Turnbull Government should have been aware that the bilateral target was going to be reached in the ACT.

It is the responsibility of the Commonwealth Government to fund the costs of any additional participants.

It’s increasingly clear that Christian Porter hasn’t been paying close attention to the roll out of the NDIS.

This is yet another stuff-up by Christian Porter after months of stuff-ups on the NDIS IT system.  

Mr Porter and the Turnbull Government have failed on the NDIS in three major ways:

  • Failing to adequately resource the National Disability Insurance Agency so it can meet the demands of full rollout.
  • Failing to meet the August 2015 deadline for signing the bilateral agreements with the states. Some jurisdictions did not sign their agreements until May 2016.
  • Botching the development of the IT system – the MyPlace portal, resulting in significant delays to the assessment of participants and significant periods in which disability service providers went unpaid.

Mr Porter’s mishandling of the NDIS rollout is undermining confidence in the NDIS.

Mr Porter can’t blame anyone else, the rollout of the NDIS is his responsibility. The buck stops with Christian Porter.


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