May 06, 2015

A year after Tony Abbott launched his savage attack on Australia’s pension system in last year’s Budget, pensioners are worried what Mr Abbott has in store for them in next week’s Budget.

Pensioners remember Tony Abbott’s promise of “no change to pensions” the day before the last election.


Then in last year’s Budget Mr Abbott set about cutting pension indexation, increasing the pension age to 70, cutting concessions for pensioners and cutting the deeming rate thresholds, which will drive down part-pensions.


The cuts to pension indexation alone will leave Australian pensioners as much as $80 a week worse off within ten years. 

Pensioners know that Mr Abbott can’t be trusted to do the right thing by them. 

Yet extraordinarily it appears Tony Abbott is set to make further changes to the pension in this year’s Budget.

Let’s be clear – any change to the pension is a broken promise.

Mr Abbott needs to come clean about his plans for part-pensioners in this year’s Budget.

Mr Abbott should say how many part pensioners will be worse off and how many will be kicked off all together.

Pensioners are angry and feel they have been betrayed by Tony Abbott and the Liberal Party.

In next week’s Budget Tony Abbott must put the future of Australian pensioners ahead of his own political interests.

Tony Abbott promised to make things better – but he has made things so much worse.

The Abbott Government’s dishonesty and incompetence is hurting Australians, especially our pensioners.