May 09, 2018

Australia’s pensioners are some of the biggest losers from Malcolm Turnbull’s big business Budget.

Malcolm Turnbull is keeping his unfair zombie cuts to pensioners including axing the Energy Supplement of $14 a fortnight for single age pensioners.

Mr Turnbull is keeping his unfair plan to increase Australia’s pension age to 70 - meaning that Australia will have one of the oldest pension ages in the world.

Malcolm Turnbull is making pensioners pay so big business can pay less.

Pensioners are losing the Energy Supplement of $14 a fortnight, so Turnbull can give the big banks $17 billion.

Under Malcolm Turnbull Australians born after 1 July 1958 will have to wait longer before they can get the Age Pension.

In the first four years alone 375,000 Australians will have to work longer because of Mr Turnbull. 

Only an out of touch banker like Turnbull would think Australia’s tradies, nurses and farmers should stay on the job until they’re 70.

This Budget firmly places the burden of an $80 billion tax handout to the banks and big business squarely on the shoulders of Australian pensioners.

Malcolm Turnbull and the Liberals have once again failed to deliver fairness for Australian pensioners.

In every single Budget the Liberals have handed down, they’ve tried to cut the pension in order to cut taxes for big business.

Pensioners remember that the Liberals tried to cut pension indexation – a cut that would have meant pensioners would have been forced to live on $80 a week less within ten years. This unfair cut would have ripped $23 billion from the pockets of pensioners of every single pensioner in Australia.

Pensioners remember that the Liberals did a deal with the Greens to cut the pension to around 370,000 pensioners by as much as $12,000 a year by changing the pension assets test.

And let’s not forget that they still want to completely take away the pension supplement from pensioners who go overseas for more than six weeks.

Older Australians know that Turnbull’s number one priority is giving an $80 billion handout to big business and the banks.

Budgets are all about choices – once again Turnbull and the Liberals have chosen the banks and the big end of town over Australia’s pensioners.


Authorised by Noah Carroll ALP Canberra

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