May 05, 2015

Pensioners are again in the Liberal’s sights, with reports in today’s Australian indicating that Tony Abbott is set to break his promise yet again and make changes to the pension assets test in next week’s Budget.

Any change to pensions by Tony Abbott in next week’s budget is a broken promise.

Before the election Tony Abbott made an ironclad, unequivocal promise there would be “no change to pensions”.

Then in last year’s budget Tony Abbott unleashed a savage attack on Australia’s pension system including massive cut to pension indexation.

Australian pensioners know they can’t trust Tony Abbott on pensions.

The first thing Tony Abbott needs to do is to unreservedly drop his cuts to pension indexation – he must take these cuts out of the Parliament and out of the Budget forever.

Tony Abbott must also come clean and admit how many part pensioners will be worse off by this latest broken promise and how many part pensioners will be thrown off the pension altogether.

Australian pensioners are sick and tired of a new story every week on how Tony Abbott and Scott Morrison are going to make yet more changes to pensions.

These media leaks are all about giving Tony Abbott and Scott Morrison a good headline and nothing about giving Australia’s pensioners a good retirement.

Pensioners need certainty in retirement.

What they don’t need is Tony Abbott constantly making changes to the pension.

And they certainly don’t need Scott Morrison telling pensioners they are a burden on society.

Only Labor is standing up for Australian pensioners and fighting for a fair pension.

Tony Abbott and the Liberal Party simply can’t be trusted to do the right thing by pensioners.