May 07, 2015

A day before the last election, Tony Abbott promised 'no change to pensions'.

Tony Abbott broke that promise by announcing he would cut the indexation of pensions.

Every day for the last year, Labor has fought relentlessly for pensioners, against Tony Abbott's broken promise.

Tony Abbott, Joe Hockey and Scott Morrison knew the cuts to pension indexation were unfair and would hurt Australian pensioners - and went ahead with them anyway. 

They know these cuts to pension indexation would leave pensioners around $80 a week worse off over the next decade.

Mr Abbott knew this and he stood by these cuts for a year - he has put pensioners through a year of worry and anxiety.

Pensioners deserve better than this uncertainty. They deserve better than a Government which treats them so badly.

After the last Budget of broken promises, no one trusts Tony Abbott when it comes to pensions. 

Tony Abbott might have taken his savage cuts to pensions off the table but he is on the record dozens of times saying these pension cuts were fair and reasonable. These cuts haven’t been shelved, they’ve been put in bottom drawer to save Tony Abbott’s job.

The Abbott Government’s other pension cuts remain in the Budget:

 Tony Abbott still plans to increase the pension age to 70;

  • Tony Abbott has already cut $1.3 billion from pensioner concessions that help pensioners pay for essential services such as public transport, council rates and help with the cost of electricity and water bills; and

  • Tony Abbott still plans to slash the deeming rate thresholds for part-pensioners on the income test - this will hit around 500,000 part pensioners.  

If Tony Abbott is serious about supporting Australian pensioners he should keep his promise and restore the $1.3 billion in concessions for pensioners and seniors in next Tuesday’s Budget.

Labor will look at the details of today’s announcement and carefully assess Mr Abbott’s latest broken promise.

The Abbott Government’s dishonesty and incompetence is still hurting Australia. It’s still hurting our economy, it’s still hurting jobs and it’s still hurting the most vulnerable, like pensioners.

Only Labor will keep fighting for Australian pensioners.